About Waliif:- a historical review

Background Information

Waliif Education share company is business oriented company that has planned to work on all levels of education from KG-university. currently it is more emphasized on lower level education from KG upto preparatory continues to the higher in the future.

Our Mission

To produce worldwide competent and professional students and capicitate our shareholders through economic empowerment

Our Vission

waliif education share company envisions being a leading private school in delivering internationally high standard quality education by afaan Oromo and English

Historical Review

Our company is both business and Identity building oriented that has planned to work on all levels of education from KG-University The company was established by the well committed, devoted patriot and highly experienced professionals and intellectuals graduated from the higher institutions by different educational backgrounds. The main reason why the company established was to continue generation by teaching their indigenous culture and language through quality education and real science. The Company is licensed and registered by Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau and issued under Commercial Registration and Business license proc No 686/2010 Company established by 4million and selling shares to one billion bir Company has opened 12 branches in 2019 and registered 5500 students in all Walif Academy branches and hired 400 employees Company has received 10 school lands from Oromia Zonal city special zones and more lands will be on board very soon Company's Vision is envisions being a leading private School in delivering internationally high standard quality education by Alean Oromo and English language. Additionally it intends to produce worldwide competent and professionals students and capacitate al and prete Additionally ty education byhool in shareholders through Economic Empowerment. Many people are nt laking school as a profiting but the leasibility undergone by our company hs realized it is inter-generational sustainable money printing business In terms of identity, culture and language it is on building project So all interested are cordially invited to be art of prct by buying shares and sponsoring.company

About Waliif

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Waliif Education

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